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BEHIND THE CURTAINS: The Untold History of Our World


I came across this video today and I absolutely had to share it with you!

Before I even show you this video, I want you to file this under "don't judge a book by it's cover".  

Trust me on this one, has NOAH ever let you down?  No.  

The man in this video goes by the name of Bitcoin Ben.  

He's a bitcoin enthusiast (actually, more Litecoin and Divi than Bitcoin, but those don't go as well with his name, so he sticks with "Bitcoin Ben").

He was a truckdriver for many years until recently retiring.  

The man has a speech impediment that makes him talk slow, but he hasn't let that stop him from creating a YouTube channel of all things!

So when you watch this, find the little gear icon and change the playback speed to 200%.  Trust me.

He is just like you and me.

A real American.

A patriot.

A guy who loves his country….and loves Trump.

But he also has this uncanny knowledge of the hidden history of America.  

The history involving the elites…the Deep State….the Banking Cabal.  

In other words, the shadowy characters pulling the strings behind the scenes causing all the wars, all the violence, all the conflict.  

Start at the 3:00 minute mark, put it on 200% speed and just watch, I guarantee you will be amazed.  

And I guarantee it will ring true.  

It ends with Trump and when he gets to the part about Trump coming onto the scene I was almost standing up cheering!

Trust me and please enjoy:  


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