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Major Split Coming, Two Americas Coming

Ok folks, buckle up for this one!

If you’ve been a longtime reader of We Love Crypto, you know I like to occasionally cover this guy.

He goes by the name Bitcoin Ben, and while he does talk a lot about cryptocurrencies, he is also a huge patriot and he talks a lot about Trump, America and the future of this country.

And he seems to have some very well-connected sources because he’s reported things in the past that most people would not know and then we watched exactly those things play out.

So if you’d like to hear what he has to say, please enjoy this one.

If you’re not into it, then just skip over this article.

But I think you’re going to enjoy it.

I know I did.

Here’s the short summary…..

Ben is 100% in the camp of people that say not only did Trump win, but it will be proven in January.

But after that happens, there is no going back to normal.

A split will happen where Biden and his team will go virtual.

They will likely flee the U.S. but they will be running a shadow government virtually online.

Remind anyone of how they ran their campaign?

The states will split and we will essentially head back to a confederacy situation where the red states will band together and the blue states will band together.

Blue states like Illinois will literally close their borders to red states like Missouri.

Certain states like California may develop their own currency.

And that’s just the start!

Now if that sounds “far fetched” to anyone, I remind you of two things.

It immediately reminded me of Kim Clement’s “Two Presidents” prophecy.

Anyone remember that?

You can. watch it here:

And it also reminded me of our friend Mark Taylor talking about Barrack HUSSEIN Obama running his shadow government (essentially a third term) out of D.C. during 2016-2020.

You can watch that here.

So it doesn’t sound too far-fetched at all to me.

It actually sounds very plausible and likely.

And I always like to be informed about what may be coming next so I love listening to stuff like this.

If you do too, you’re really going to enjoy this.

Here you go:

And because it is VERY likely YouScared will take that down, I’ve made a backup.

From Rumble:

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