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SILVER SQUEEZE: London Silver Bullion Supplies Almost Gone?


I’ve been sounding the alarm on silver for about 3 weeks now…

And it looks like I have to continue doing so!

Because I just got an email from SD Bullion that sounded like a massive Red Alert.

Here was the headline:

Will London Silver Bullion Supplies Run Out?

Read it here, from SD Bullion:

Silver bullion in London’s underground vaults is running low.

Derivative powers that be are on full defense.

Going on various fiat bubble vision shows, trying to belittle growing interest and physical bullion buying.

It is not going to work. Indeed along the way, they will win day-to-day derivative battles. Ultimately, they will lose the physical bullion war.

Ronan Manly reported this past week about shrinking London silver bullion float inventories here on ZeroHedge.

According to Ronan’s best estimates of this convoluted, almost entirely opaque market. Just over 100 to 125 million troy ounces of silver remain unallocated in London.

As we have seen thus far, in 2021, investors can buy out one hundred to one hundred twenty-five million troy ounces of silver in a mere matter of a few heavy buying and silver betting days.

Earlier this week, I sat and listened through many #SilverSquealer interviews scoffing at the influence of new silver bullion and $PSLV share buyers. This week we will focus on the head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs, Jeff Currie.

In the video above, we cover some of Jeff Currie’s February 2nd, 2021 interviews, where he tries to shrink how badly the silver bullion squeeze is going to alter the price discovery landscape.

Only but a handful of days before Jeff Currie went on TV and lied to everyone, the CME Group COMEX silver futures contract size limits doubled from 1,500 to now 3,000 contracts. So Comex traders can soon legally hold sway over a 15 million leveraged price discovery derivative position. Of course, read too that these position limit doublings are merely effective in April 2021, not to be held under compliance until 2022.

But since JP Morgan has such an outsized position underlying over half the fraction silver bullion COMEX pile, it will be through their COMEX warehouse-size that they will likely continue trading exempt from these new 3,000 contract position limits. They are working for alleged clients like perhaps the People’s Bank of China, for instance.

While the media continually wants to spin this ongoing #SilverSqueeze, playing it off as mere retail bullion buying populism. The underlying truth is that we will likely continue to see larger financial players, commercial users, and perhaps even sovereign nations enter into the fray.

Some merely make momentum trade profits, but some perhaps even, to better secure strategic silver bullion stockpiles for their future.

Chinese Silver Imports | China Silver Imports

IMAGE - Chinese Silver Imports China Silver Imports SD Bullion

Last few years, China’s silver import demand has plateaued around 3,500 metric tonnes per yr, a little over 110 million ounces per yr.

That is nowhere enough silver for the future production needs and ambitions of the Chinese 2049 agenda.

I am showing this to you because the silver squeeze will likely become more extensive than the mere retail level.

Like Russia, China has been gearing up and stockpiling for this 21st Century cold war.

Of course, everyone paying attention already knows about the massive tonnage of gold both those nations stockpiled in the 2010s.

What we do not know is just how much silver bullion do the Chinese authorities have stockpiled?

How are they going to bid silver away from growing western silver store of value buyers?

Silver Price Outside New York Trading Hours Now $225.76 oz

IMAGE - silver price outside COMEX trading hours is now valued at $225.76 oz SD Bullion

We let Jeff Currie finish this week’s update as we go back to a presentation he made at his Alma Mater, the University of Chicago, in late May of 2017.

Listen to the contradictions he makes about (#1) how comparatively tiny the global commodity price discovery markets are.

And point #2, concerning the excessive commodity demand from China.

And what that nation can do to commodity prices if and when it enters a market in size.

Do you remember paying $5 a gallon for gasoline in late 2007 and early 2008?

I do, and it was not enjoyable. Next time crude ramps get ready for double digits per gallon gasoline, perhaps later this decade.

Silver Bullion 1,000 oz Bar Premiums Now 8Xs Normal | SD Bullion

Here’s more:

Here’s the deal….

I’m not a financial advisor.

I’m a political news writer.

But I am constantly watching the financial markets and trying to make the best moves to keep my family safe.

The stock market has been on a historic (unprecedented) climb for 12 years now, and I personally fear a massive crash is coming any day now.

My friend Bo Polny told me one is coming by June.  Story here.

While the stock market is at it’s tippy-top, silver is at all-time lows.

And its ratio to gold is also historically low.

In other words, I personally am seeing every reason to LOAD UP on silver right now.

Not financial advice to you, just telling you what I personally am doing.

In fact, I just took $20,000 yesterday from a retirement account and moved it ALL into silver.

So I’ve been personally buying silver (for a long time) but I’ve also recently been telling you about this company I am working with….DISME coins.

They only sell 99.9% investment grade pure silver coins.

And the coins have designs to honor President Trump.

A few of you have messaged me asking whether these are the “real deal” and trustworthy.

So I wanted to tell you more about them and why I chose to work with DISME.

First of all, I never want to bring you something that isn’t 100% the real deal.

We have over 12 million people reading this website each month, can you believe that?

And we’re like a big family here.

Just like I would never want someone in my family to buy something that wasn’t trustworthy, the same goes for my We Love Crypto family.

So let me tell you more about DISME….

DISME coins are made by the Highland Mint.

Those who know coins know the Highland Mint is perhaps the most prestigious out there.

From their website, this is the Highland Mint:

The Highland Mint is a full service mint that was established in the early 1980’s. With state-of-the-art facilities housed in a 40,000 square foot building in Melbourne, Florida, our complete services allow us to take any job from start to finish. In-house abilities include layout and design, sculpting and die making, processing of precious and non-precious metals, and stock tooling of different shapes and sizes, plus packaging and fulfillment services.

Custom Minting
With our wide array of stock tooling we can offer you sizes from 10mm to over 3.5 inches at no additional charge, and our presses range from 350 tons psi to 1600 tons psi (3.2 million pounds of pressure per square inch). This gives us the ability to strike any dimension or thickness required, a flexibility that is second to none in the industry. Our in-house tool and die makers have the necessary skills and equipment to offer you complete service to quickly satisfy any of your needs, and our inventory of non-precious metals, along with our ability to melt and process silver, means that we usually have stock of the material needed to complete your job, right at our fingertips.

We also offer a wide variety of packaging alternatives to suit any budget or taste. As this is often from our own inventory, costs and lead times can be kept to a minimum. Our fulfillment center is able to handle any job, big or small, including credit card processing and multiple shipments, plus serialization and continuity programs. With our newly installed computer system we can accept orders in any format and automatically upload shipping information so you can track the progress of your shipment.

The Highland Mint currently holds licenses with Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Player’s Association, Minor League Baseball, National Football League Properties, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and the National Hockey League Players Association. The Highland Mint has also joined forces with a number of other licensed companies to produce and/or distribute collectibles. Our licenses do not allow our products to be used as premiums; however, our relationships with the leagues facilitate the approval process of obtaining one. In many instances they have been used as corporate incentives and giveaways.

Through the years, The Highland Mint has expanded its production base from the bronze, silver, and gold Mint-Cards to a full line of medallions, and the company now produces and/or distributes a wide variety of fully-licensed sports and non-sports collectibles, including Mint-Coins and Photo-Mints. The Highland Mint has also added creative elements to a number of its metal products, including mini and jumbo-sized items, color, high relief, sandblast features, and even football-shaped medallions. All products are limited editions and are individually numbered and accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity. Collectibles products are presented in custom jewelry boxes as well as other types of packaging. The latest addition to our product line is the Game-Used Photo-Mint Collection.

All of The Highland Mint precious metal products are created with the finest craftsmanship possible. Every detail and image on each medallion is hand-sculpted into plaster, which is then transformed into a die; each medallion is struck several times before going through a variety of finishing processes.

Here’s more on the Highland Mint, from JM Bullion:

Bullion from The Highland Mint
The Highland Mint is world-famous for minting official sports coins, cards, medallions, and other memorabilia, but they also make silver bullion products for investors. Even though they don’t have one of the biggest minting facilities, their products are still coveted and produced with the highest quality.

As a matter of fact, many people seek out the services of the Highland Mint for custom products in pure silver, gold, and other precious metals. They have state-of-the-art technology and a design process that is unmatched.

Services Offered
Established in the early 1980s, the Highland Mint is a full-service refinery and minting company. They have in-house abilities to create custom products from both precious and non-precious metals, although bronze, silver, and gold are most popular. The Highland Mint is full-service, from layout and design to casting and packaging. Customers can create custom coins, cards, and other memorabilia, and everything is done directly in the Highland Mint facility to keep costs as low as possible. Of course, investors can also find a full array of silver bullion rounds and bars.

Their state-of-the-art, 40,000 square foot facility is located in Melbourne, Florida. The Highland Mint sees all products through from start to finish. The professionals at their facility start with layout and design and then move on to sculpting and die making before casting the product. The process is finished with quality control and then custom packaging. Some products are even treated with special color customizations and sand blasting. The Highland Mint ensures that all products are unique and perfect. Plus, all silver bullion products are guaranteed to be 99.99 percent pure.

Official Licenses Held by the Highland Mint
The Highland Mint is most famous for bronze, silver, and gold cards and coins featuring athletes and sports teams. These items are highly collectible. The Highland Mint even holds licenses with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League, among others. This allows them to create official collectibles and memorabilia, including a full line of medallions.

The best part is that all products made by the Highland Mint are limited editions and come with Certificates of Authenticity. This makes them highly collectible and valuable, especially when they are in their original packaging. Of course, the value is highly based on how well the team or player featured on the collectible did during the year. This creates a fun dynamic for investors to predict which products will be worth the most in a few years.


Popular Silver Bullion From The Highland Mint

The Highland Mint is most famous for its custom minting services and sports collectibles, but they also have a unique offering of their own silver bullion products. Some of the most popular products include the Morgan Silver Rounds, Walking Liberty Silver Rounds, 1-oz Horse Silver Rounds, 10-oz Horse Silver Bars, as well as the Morgan and Walking Liberty Silver Bars which come in a variety of weights.

  • Morgan Silver Rounds and Bars: These are replicas of the Morgan Silver Dollar Coin minted by the U.S. in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

  • Walking Liberty Silver Rounds and Bars: These also feature the design of a U.S. coin — the American Silver Eagle Coin.

  • Horse Silver Rounds: These rounds commemorate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse. They are limited edition for 2014 only.

  • 10 oz Horse Silver Bars: These bars are also from the Year of the Horse. They feature galloping horses.

Cool, right?

So we’re talking 99.99% authentic and real silver.

But what I love the most is they are BIG TIME Trump supporters.

While people and businesses are being cancelled left and right just for merely supporting Trump, DISME is not backing down.

They support PRESIDENT Trump 100% and they are proud to do so.

And in exchange, I am proud to work with them.

Check out this coin:

And this:

And this:

Nice, right?

Here’s more on silver, from my friend Bo Polny.

What do you think about $600/oz silver?

Bo says it’s possible.


And more on the silver market.

CNBC confirms that silver set a new 8-month high today (and that may be just the start):

Silver prices surged Monday, hitting an eight-year high.

The rise was possibly connected to the online WallStreetBets community on Reddit, a group of retail traders who played a major role in the rise of GameStop last week.

Three experts broke it down.

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” discussed the complex nature that comes with investing in precious metals, which faces its own limits as a resource.

“People need to recognize that silver, while a precious metal, is chiefly used for LED. It’s used a great deal for autos, obviously a great deal for jewelry. When you take it away, you’re talking about a market that is very small. There are only two stocks that are really investable … Pan American Silver does have 17.5 million silver ounces, they failed to deliver on the amount that they’d like to do. They’re predicting this year to do 22.5 million, that is actually very big. The other one that I find that is, let’s say, worthy of investment is Wheaton Precious Metals. The stock is up big, they have about 120,000 in ounces per year they intend to put out, and then everybody else is really too small. Obviously people are using ETFs in silver. Do I think that they’re misdirected in taking it up? I do think that if you think that GDP is going to grow, you might have something winning in silver, but it is GDP-oriented. This is the first thing that they have targeted that, frankly, has a limit because there’s not that much silver out there. But at the same time, when it is used is not ornamental. So therefore, you really do need a step-up in business, in order to make that invaluable.”

Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz chief economic advisor, connected the rise to the GameStop short squeeze, and how the conflict between retail traders and hedge funds could play out.

“The fact that you can get people to look at silver, and in the process, they look less at GameStop, and because of that, there’s less worry that the hedge funds who are short GameStop are going to sell, means you can impact lots of markets. So, don’t underestimate in the short term the influence. As to what will happen, look, there’s a major battle going on between three actors, not two. Three: the hedge funds that are short GameStop, the retail investors that are long, and the people in the middle. And the question as to where it goes next, is who’s got the weakest hand? Who’s going to fold first? Who is not going to be able to stay in that trade? Now, historically, that has been the retail investor. But the retail investors are more organized right now. … If they can stay organized, they can actually force the hedge funds to cover more. But today, you get a notion that maybe, they cannot stay organized. So we’re going to see. The one thing that is systemically worrisome is if the intermediary falls. That is a completely different issue than if the two sides of the trade fold.”

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