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Bo Polny’s Private Message To Me: “It Starts!”

Late last week I brought you my most recent interview with Bo Polny.

And I’ve been receiving so many great comments on it, so glad you all are loving it.

Bo set forth a handful of big dates coming up and today was the first one.

The dates Bo is watching are:

If you listened to the interview, you know that part of what Bo is expecting is a major shakeup in the financial system.

Not just a crash like in 2008, but a total re-haul of the current financial system.

That’s why he called his last message “The World Reborn!”

A totally new system.

Part of that new system is a coming big-boom in silver, according to Polny.

So on the first of the dates he was watching, what have we seen?

Well, Bo just private messaged me and I can’t share the entire message but I can share two things…

The first is he said two words:  “It starts!”

The second, he said look at silver, up big!

Take a look:

That may not look like a monumental move to you, but in the silver world it’s big.

And what’s even bigger is that most people believe once silver breaks $30, it’s game over.

That’s when silver starts to go parabolic, soon having a $2 day, then a $5 day, then a $10 day.

You ready for that?

I am!

I can’t share the rest of Bo’s private message to me today, but I can share our interview from last week if you want to listen.

A lot of gems in here, please enjoy:

Watch safely here on Rumble:

👉 Download Bo’s slides here:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to, use code NOAH49.

👉 Red Sea Moment? Here are the signs:

You can also watch here on YouTube:

I’d love to know what you think….

I know I will be eagerly watching the dates and we’ll report back!

I’m starting to get a bunch of emails from people asking how to get started in crypto currencies and first of all, I’m not an expert and not a financial advisor, but I also don’t have the time to explain it to everyone so I wanted to pass along this from Bo as well.

This is actually started by Bo’s son (he taught him well).

So if you want the basics, this is an awesome place to start:

And if you plan to take Bo’s advice and buy some silver for you and your family, here’s why I choose to work with DISME:

Any company that honors our wonderful President is A-OK in my book, how about you?

Aren’t these awesome?

And this:


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