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YouTube DELETES My Interview With Bo Polny As We Head Towards Bo’s Critical Dates


Want to know a sign you’re getting REAL close to the truth?

Way too close for the Deep State’s comfort?

It’s when they start deleting you.

And it just happened to my interview with Bo Polny published January 3, 2021.

Take a look:

They are PANICKED because they know the truth is about to all come out.

And all they can do is petty stuff like this.

Sorry YouTube commies, not gonna work.

Yeah, if you haven’t seen that yet you’re gonna want to watch it.

Clearly Bo is on to something if YouTube won’t even allow you to see it.

Luckily I post everything on Rumble too, watch here:

After you watch the January one, you might also want to watch the one we did recently just about a week ago.

We talk even more about the March 4-6 and April 23-26 dates.

Here’s what he sent me recently as a follow up:

Next big time point potentially could be this coming Saturday, March 6. Should be an important time point as it’s 1260 days exactly from revelation 12 sign, “The woman returns” we will soon know what that means.
A Biden March war is coming and the fall of the world’s reserve currency!!

As Bo always says, he doesn’t know exactly WHAT will happen, he just watches the cycles and knows when big dates will be.

And he’s been dead on for as long as I’ve been following him.

If you’re confused and you don’t know what I’m talking about, you HAVE TO watch my recent interview with him.

It’s fascinating and it will clear up a lot for you.

And you’ll be clued in on what we’re watching for this week and why.

We cover war and the crash of the dollar, but we cover a lot more.

Like $200,000 bitcoin, silver, and Trump’s return….

Watch safely here on Rumble:

👉 Download Bo’s slides here:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to, use code NOAH49.

👉 Red Sea Moment? Here are the signs:

Let me know what you think!

And I will see you in the future over on Rumble exclusively!

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