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Bo Polny Back On My Show: Trump Returns, Bitcoin “Not Even Started Yet” and Silver Supercycle!


Ever since my last interview with Bo Polny, I get 1-2 emails a day asking “what is Bo saying right now?  What happened in February and March?”

He was last on about a month ago and that interview has received close to 400,000 views!

In that last interview, we talked key February dates, March dates and April dates.

So everyone wants an update and you’re about to get it!

Bo came back on my show yesterday and we talked about EVERYTHING!

We talked about February, March and especially April.

Bo has been telling us since May of 2020 (yes, May of 2020) that April 2021 is the key moment when a “New Era of Time” begins!

Here’s a little teaser:

The beautiful thing is we did the interview on the first day of spring, and the change in seasons is big.

Did you like this past winter?

From the fake election in November 2020 to the fake Biden “Pretendency” (not Presidency), winter has been bleak!

But that’s all about to change…

You’re really gonna love what happens in April 2021 and beyond.

We talked Trump returning, we talked Bitcoin, we talked silver and other precious metals.

You need to listen to the whole thing because I can’t recap it all right here….you just need to hear it directly from Bo, but here’s a sneak peak summary:

Bitcoin hasn’t even started yet.

When Bo first came on my show back in November of 2020, Bitcoin was $14,500.

Bo said to buy some back then.

Now it’s at $60,000, and even with that huge move up Bo is saying the real move hasn’t even begun yet!

Even better than that, he thinks there are other coins out there besides Bitcoin that still have life-changing moves left in them.

You know, the 100x or 1,000x moves that we’ve already seen from Bitcoin going from $1 to $60,000.

If you missed that train, it’s not too late to board the other ones!

And then we talked silver.

I’ve been hearing so much about silver recently, and Bo says it’s about to go straight vertical.

I asked him what that means, does it mean going from $25 to $100/oz?  Or even $600/oz as many believe is coming?

Bo says 30x, 60x or 100x is what’s in the Bible when it comes to damages and blessings.

You do the math.

There was one line he said about silver where I actually got out my pen and wrote down the quote as we were talking:

If you’re waiting to buy silver, you probably won’t be able to get it when you finally get around to buying.  The price will be irrelevant.


In other words, “there will be no sellers to speak of”….

Oh my!

And of course we talk PRESIDENT Trump.

Bo is one of the few people who said Trump would win the election and has stuck to it ever since.

And he’s not changing his tune right now.

Ok, enough teasing….you just need to listen for yourself.

Please enjoy this one.

Watch safely here on Rumble:

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👉 Download Bo’s slides here:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to, use code NOAH49.

More resources for silver here:  Getting Started With Silver

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