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WOODYER: Silver & Gold Poised For Historic 40-Year Breakout!


When I saw this one it caught my eye immediately!

For a couple reasons….

One, as I told you last week, I’m a huge fan of Sean’s work over at SGT Report.

Second, I’m always interested when someone is talking silver breaking out….I’m a big silver bug and I love stacking “God’s money”!

And third, when I saw the headline of this video and the chart behind it, I knew immediately it was the exact same thing my friend Bo Polny has been telling me when he comes on my show:  silver is about to break out of a 40-year historic manipulated chart and the results are going to be Biblical!

So check out this AWESOME interview on SGT Report with Neil Woodyer, CEO of Aris Gold Corp.

I think you’re gonna find it absolutely fascinating:

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”360″]

Want more on silver?

How about the fact that the Perth Mint may literally be running out of silver?!?

I covered the Perth Mint a couple days ago, but now it seems like the story may be blowing wide open.

In this latest video, Bix covers a new interview done by the Perth Mint CEO.

Bix’s take?

The CEO was mobilized by the “powers that be” to get out there and “talk down” demand for silver.

Kind of odd, right?

Listen to this interview and see if you agree with Bix….it really is quite stunning when you hear it from the guy’s own mouth.

Watch here:

Think that’s bad?

It’s not just the Perth Mint.

Mexico too?


Now reports are breaking that the Mexican Central Bank is also suspending production of the Silver Libertad.

(There HAS to be a better name than Libertad, right?  Reminds me of the Libtards.  But I digress….)

Take a look:

From SilverSeek:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Hugo Salinas Price, president of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver, whose family operates Banco Azteca, reports that the Mexican central bank, the Banco de Mexico, has suspended production of the famous Mexican silver Libertad coin —…

— attributing the decision to difficulties caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Banco Azteca long has purchased the Libertad coins from the central bank and sold them to the public, with monthly sales lately reaching 50,000. Now, Salinas Price says, the only Libertads Banco Azteca can obtain are those its customers are willing to sell.

Of course in recent months the U.S. Mint also has reduced or suspended production of U.S. gold and silver coins, again blaming the virus epidemic.

People familiar with gold and silver price suppression policies of governments and central banks and with the tight conditions in the gold and silver markets suspect that the epidemic is being used as an excuse for decisions by the mints not to enter the market for monetary metals when demand is high, supplies are tight, and increased production of gold and silver coins might drive prices higher and encourage more demand.

GATA has asked the Banco de Mexico for comment.

And watch this:

My friends over at DISME still have some silver Trump coins left, although even they have many sold out and no longer available.

See the full selection here.

These are some of their latest (if they’re still in stock):

The MAGA Lion:

General Flynn – Real American Hero, very nice:

And the classic Make America Great Again hat!

Do you like them?

More resources for silver here:  Getting Started With Silver.

Not telling you what to do because I’m not a financial advisor, but as for me and my house, we are stacking silver.

Physical silver.

Coins and bars.

In my physical possession in my safe.

How about you?

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