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Bo Polny: The Time Has Come, Proclaim Liberty! Sound The Shofar!


For over a year now, my friend Bo Polny has been telling the world to watch the April 23-26 time period for something BIG to happen.

Not just “big” but he’s calling it a “new era in time” and “one of the greatest timepoints in human history”.

Bo asked to come on my show on April 23 to kick things off and to blow his shofar to “sound the trumpets” just like the Bible says to do!

How awesome is that?

And how awesome is that shofar that Bo got?

This is the real deal, ordered direct from Israel with the Lion of Judah at the end of it.


This was only supposed to be a 20 minute interview but once we get rolling there is so much to talk about there’s no way I can keep it to 20 minutes.

We ended up going 45 minutes and there is ZERO fluff in here.

We cover everything from the Biblical giants to the ancient blood lines that still rule this world to gold, silver, cryptocurrencies and Trump’s return!

Oh and the fall of the U.S. dollar the Federal Reserve Banking System.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a bank!

This was truly a special interview that you have to make sure you don’t miss.

You can watch safely here on Rumble:

You’ll get to see Bo actually blow the shofar too!

That is NOT as easy as it looks either, I can tell you that.

As always, Bo makes all of his slides free for you to download.

He also always graciously gives a 50% discount to anyone watching the show that wants to sign up for his cryptocurrency Newsletter.

Both links below:

👉 Download Bo’s slides here:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to, use code WLT49.

Bo also had a big announcement to wrap up the show.

Because both Bo and I get hundreds (literally hundreds) of emails after ever show asking how to get into cryptocurrencies, how to buy them, which sites are safe to buy from, how to hold them, etc., etc., Bo and his son Sebastian put together a “Crypto School”.

This thing is awesome.

It’s basically Crypto101 for anyone who has been hearing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and wants to get involved but has no idea how to do it.

If you’ve emailed me asking any of those questions, chances are I haven’t had time to write you back with an answer.

Sorry, I’m only one person.

But now I have the solution for you!

It’s easy, it’s step-by-step, and anyone can follow this.

It will also help you make sure you don’t “learn the hard way” like I did early on.

It’s easy to make some costly mistakes, and we don’t want you to learn those same lessons the way we did.

So if you’re one of those people asking any of those questions about how to get started, Bo’s Easy Crypto School is custom made just for you.

👉 Easy Crypto School, go to, use code WLT39.

I’d love to hear what you think of it if you end up trying it out.

Send me an email and let me know your thoughts.

As always, I read every single email that you send me, but I often get over 500 per day and I simply do not have time to respond to each one.

But I love reading them.

Great to have you here with us, and please enjoy that interview.

Good things are coming VERY soon!

It’s going to be fun to watch this play out.

Here is a backup of the interview on YouTube if needed:

👉 Download Bo’s slides here:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to, use code WLT49.

👉 Easy Crypto School, go to, use code WLT39.

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