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Alex Cobb and XRP….3 Years In!


A couple big disclaimers up front on this one….

One, I’m a big Alex Cobb fan.

Love how this dude started a YouTube channel while he was in high school and then parleyed that into a massive following online.

Also I’m a huge XRP fan and HODLer.

So there you go…I’m not here to rag on Cobb or XRP, I just thought this was funny.



We only roast the ones we love!

And so I had to create this video showing that 3 years in XRP can do to a man!

I love the (increasingly-frequent) Cobb rants where he just loses his mind and rants for 5 minutes about whatever is grinding his gears, but I got to thinking how different this is from the first Cobb videos I remember watching.

Actually, it wasn’t even “Alex Cobb” back then, it was “The Teenage Investor” I believe.

So with all love to Cobb and XRP, please enjoy “How It Started….and How It’s Going…..” 👇

We started with lush green gardens, a lovable big dog, calm presentation with words like irrationality, negative connotation, gyrations of profits.  The kid was clearly going places….

Flash forward three years….and well, just watch for yourself here on Rumble:

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