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What REALLY Happened To John McAfee?


McAfee was a hero.

He was a staunch Libertarian, and an outspoken crypto advocate. Those who knew him would tell you that there is zero chance in hell that he would have committed suicide.

McAfee’s own words and cryptic messages prove to be prophetic here, as the now deceased billionaire has gone on record saying that if he died in prison is was NOT by suicide, but rather by way of murder.

Our own Anthony T recently reported on how McAfee was so invested in pointing out that he would never die by suicide—specifically a prison suicide, that he even got a tattoo on his body to make the message clear.

So, what really happened tp John McAfee?

Aside from being a crypto advocate, McAfee sought to run for President in 2016 as The Libertarian Party’s candidate, and is an outspoken critic of the government.

We know that he was very much behind Edward Snowden, and was a known civil dissident.

McAfee was also one of the very few figures who I saw talking about the imminent Chinese threat, and the prospect of a cyber war destroying our country in one fell swoop.

Knowing all these things about McAfee points to the notion that he had many potential enemies. The American government and The CCP being the two most notable I can think of.

I very much doubt that McAfee died by suicide, and we the people deserve some answers.

We will continue to bring you more on John McAfee when the information becomes available to us.

Until then, take a look through these reports:

The New York Post reports:

Cybersecurity tycoon John McAfee had a suicide note in his pocket when he was found hanged in a Spanish cell while awaiting extradition to the US, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

The eccentric 75-year-old mogul had repeatedly insisted that US officials were out to kill him and would make it look like suicide — even getting a tattoo saying “$WHACKD” to highlight the theory.

But while his death last Wednesday sparked conspiracy theories, a source close to the investigation told the Associated Press that McAfee had a note on him when he was found dead in a penitentiary on the outskirts of Barcelona.

CNN noted how McAfee’s widow offered a different perspective than the one being offered by the MSM:

Speaking to reporters outside the prison on Friday, Janice McAfee demanded a thorough investigation, saying she wanted “answers of how this was able to happen.”
The cause of McAfee’s death is under investigation, a spokeswoman for the Superior Court of Catalonia told CNN this week.

Janice McAfee’s lawyer, Javier Villalba, told reporters Friday his client is waiting for the official autopsy to be done adding that the family has requested a second and independent one.

“I blame the US authorities for this tragedy. Because of these politically motivated charges against him. My husband is now dead,” Janice said during a statement.

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