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Is John McAfee’s Dead Man’s Switch Activated?


Before tech mogul John McAfee died he stated that he had over 31 terabytes worth of incriminating data on the United States government and would release that data the instant they killed him.

Well as many of you know already, last week McAfee was found dead in his Spanish prison cell.

While U.S. and Spanish authorities claim his death was from a “suicide”  his posts on Twitter say another story.

Just a year before he was found dead, McAfee took to Twitter to get the tattoo $WHACKD and said if he was ever found dead by a suicide it was because he was Whackd.

The Tweet then linked to his exchange where you could buy his new cryptocurrency called Whackd.

McAfee index is no longer up but users can still buy Whackd on Etherscan with the contract address:  0xcf8335727b776d190f9d15a54e6b9b9348439eee

After his death a wallet named “Epstein” awakened and sent Whackd Crypto to random addresses which led many people to believe this was the beginning of the dead man’s switch being activated and now offshore servers are now uploading the 31 terabytes of data on blockchain to then be uploaded as a NFT.

Other believe once the total supply of Whackd hits a certain number (10% of each transaction is burned) only then the dead man’ switch will be activated.

Here’s the Tweet that led many people believe that John indeed activated a dead’s man switch:



How McAfee Obtained The Incriminating Evidence

In a interview conducted a couple of years ago, John McAfee stated that while he was living in Belize at one point he was trying to gain access to the U.S. Embassy while he was facing troubles.

The Embassy denied him access though due to the fact the highest authority of the State Department told the embassy to no let McAfee entry into the Embassy.

The highest authority at the State Department at the time was none other than Hillary Clinton.

McAfee was enraged so he donated laptops to many secretaries within the U.S. government that were preloaded with viral spyware which led to him having the entire U.S. computer system under his control.

Through the spyware he ended up finding out the Ministry of National Defense was the biggest drug traffickers of Central America and the Ministry of Immigration was the biggest human traffickers and much more that he didn’t share in the interview.

MacAfee before leaving the company was in control of the world’s leading anti-virus software in the world so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he did obtain 31 terabytes worth of incriminating data.

If you would like a more in depth look into the Dead Man’s Switch check out this video:

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