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Political Campaigns Receiving Cryptocurrency As Contributions Could Be The New Trend


Many cryptocurrency advocates bite at the chance whenever they can use their BTC, Eth, or even meme coins as a way to exchange goods or services.

That’s not all though, Cryptocurrency is now even being used as contributions towards several politicians who are looking to make their way to Congress.

The most recent candidate to announce her campaign will accept Bitcoin  is Aarika Rhodes who is looking to run for California’s 30th Congressional  Seat.

Rhodes isn’t the only candidate accepting Bitcoin either, Laura Loomer who ran in 2020 also accepted cryptocurrency for contributions and went on record saying “Bitcoin promotes financial freedom”.

During the 2020 Presidential Campaign Democrats Andrew Yang and Eric Swalwell both accepted cryptocurrency as contributions too before dropping out of the race.

Cryptos R Us had more on the story:

Aarika Rhodes, a candidate for the California 30th Congressional District in the upcoming 2022 election, has announced she will be accepting Bitcoin donations for her congressional run. The elementary school science teacher took to Twitter today to make the announcement.

Another recent candidate for Congress, Laura Loomer of Florida, spoke to the importance of Bitcoin stating: “Bitcoin promotes financial freedom. We are telling the old power structure that we don’t need them anymore. We pave our own destiny financially, intellectually and with speech freedoms.”

Politically savvy candidates are beginning understand the importance of an un-censorable currency and the implications it can have on a society marred by the censorious overlords in big tech and, financial system and their collusion.

The trend begin back in 2014 when a candidate named Andrew Hemingway became the first ever Congressional candidate to accept Bitcoin for political contributions. In 2014, the Federal Election Commission deemed Bitcoin contributions legal and lawful.

The Palm Beach Post covered Loomer’s campaign accepting Bitcoin:

Somewhere among the hundreds of supporters who have contributed a stunning $1.1 million to the congressional campaign of self-proclaimed Islamophobe Laura Loomer are the donors backing the 27-year-old newcomer not with dollars but with a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin.

Until recently, digital assets like Bitcoins were the preferred currency of far-right conservatives and die-hard libertarians. The attraction? Cryptocurrencies provide privacy and the opportunity to circumvent banks and governments, which have no power over cryptocurrencies because they do not recognize them as legal tender.

The option to contribute to campaigns using Bitcoin has been primarily offered by candidates, like Loomer, who appealed to the Libertarian and far-right demographic.

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